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MACRA Ready Compliance

Intelligent documentation starts with the right form.

MACRA Simple Form

Compliance + Quality

Sure you practice world-class care, but can you measure it? CMS holds providers accountable by requiring onerous reports demonstrating safety and quality measures. They reduce your payments when you can’t. And your hospital needs similar reports for both your credentialing and theirs. Showing them how great you really are starts with intelligent data capture.

MACRA Plus Form

Compliance + Quality + Operational Excellence

If you’re already capturing compliance and quality data, let’s take it to the next level. With 7 additional fields, our MACRA Plus form enables you to monitor Operational Excellence. Some additional reports beyond compliance include:

  • First Case On-time Starts
  • Cost of First Case Delays
  • Surgeon Turn over Times
  • Anesthesia Turn over Times
  • Anes Ready Times
  • OR staffing utilization